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    $20 Silver Denied! (But We Likely Just Had The ‘Pullback’ For A VERY SPECIFIC REASON)


    7月 18, 2020

    Sure, silver didn’t break-out above twenty bucks this week. It will likely happen next week, however, for a very specific reason…


    Half Dollar’s Note: There will not be an SD Outlook on Monday. I will be travelling over the next several days, so I should have some good anecdotal information to share next week. Thank you all for your continued support, and for reading what I write.



    I’m blessed.

    I really am.

    Since the beginning of 2019, yes, 2019, I’ve seen a grand total of 2 movies.

    Two movies!

    And for those who are curious, I’ve seen zero TV shows over the same time frame, and I’ve watched zero sports, other than my daughter’s high school sports when my daughter is competing.

    Don’t judge.

    Exercise is a good thing, and so is competition.

    One of the two movies was the movie “Us”, or it was called something like that, and I must admit, since I didn’t fully understand every single sub-dimension to the movie because I didn’t want to burn the energy needed in critical thought, nor did I want the experience to extend beyond the two hours or so of entertainment, and since the very first thing you see in the movie is text with something to the effect of, and I’m paraphrasing here, “there are thousands of miles of tunnels under the United States”, followed by a movie so outrageous that you know it couldn’t be true, and therefore, subconsciously, it gets the sheeple thinking there are not thousands of miles of tunnels under the United States, I actually did not totally dislike spending my time in the movie theater that day, and I actually held down my popcorn.


    The other movie I saw I was forced to watch because of Nanny State policies prohibiting “children” from being in the movie theater alone, so cashiers making nine bucks an hour enforce said policies, backed-up with mall security and off-duty local police to assist in the involuntary, restrictive program, if needed, and, ironically enough, the second movie was some teen flick about hate crime, race wars, police brutality, white privilege, and all that stuff – “The Hate You Give”.

    I hated it and want my time back, and my money, if possible.

    To make my point about how blessed I am in having only watched two movies in one and a half years, my tolerance is one movie per quarter (I do not watch movies at home, so when I say ‘see a movie’, I mean actually going to the movie theater), and yet, somehow, last year, I was able to coast through the year and only watch two movies!

    Enter 2020, the Zombie Apocalypse, and well, yeah.

    Here we are.

    And for someone who can’t stomach two minutes of hollywood, I’m lovin’ it!

    OK, “Hey Half Dollar, the last time I checked, your last name wasn’t ‘Ebert’, and what does watching movies have to do with the markets or the economy anyway, because I don’t think a dang thing, so could you just get on with it already Mr. I’m-Too-Good-For-Pop-Culture-But-Not-Too-Good-To-Skip-The-Buttered-Popcorn?”.

    Well, it actually has a lot to do with it.

    And who said it was buttered?

    Coulda had chile-n-lime.

    Or just some salt.

    I’m kidding.

    It was.


    Here’s why I mention only watching two movies in over a year: The less a person is exposed to what the Deep State Globalists want a person to see, the easier it is to see through the Deep State Globalists’ pathetic lies and mis-directions.

    See how this works?

    It’s either that, or dumb luck.

    Probably just my dumb luck.

    Nonetheless, my goodness, check out the full-court press from just one single network:

    Today’s special, fear, is served with a side of – fear!

    The morgues are fillin’ up!

    Better bring in some incinerators for the FEMA Camps!

    Consider, however, the following: I’m not writing an article on Monday morning because we’re finally burying my mom that day.

    Yes, my mom, who died many months ago.

    Indeed, with my blown memory, compliments of the US government, she died in like, January, or February, and we know that if CNN does one thing, that one thing is to lie, so when I see stuff like “morgues are filling up”, I can only laugh.

    My mom’s body has been in the same funeral home for many months now (just try getting buried in the most coveted cemetery in the entire United States during a raging pandemic replete with all of its shutdowns and lockdowns, it’s not easy), in the middle of a supposed raging freakin’ pandemic, and yet, there was never once, at all, not one single time, any, “um, hey guys, can you come get your mom’s body already because we’re overflowin’ with the dead over here!”.

    And I do have a point to make: The MSM Propagandists are in their full court press of coronavirus fearmongering, and if one generally is exposed only to the mainstream, one tends to believe all of this craziness.

    I mean, I was at a major, international US airport last week, and I actually saw a passenger wearing a mask, gloves, and one of those clear face-shield things, which was way more than what the TSA Useful Idiots were wearing!

    I can say that when out and about, I do see there is both an increase in the usage of masks, as well as a decrease in the objection to the loss of liberty, and I think it’s an inverse correlation, but I’m still looking for the confirmation.

    This is how it always is: Just like I said micro-chipping dogs was just the first step towards micro-chipping humans, and then promptly got laughed at, this push for masks, if successful, is the first critical step towards something, but I’m just not sure what?

    This whole mask thing also kind of reminds me of the arm bands the Jews had to wear circa and during WWII.

    Because I’ve already said this a gazillion times, but it needs repeated one more time, because the mask thing is important: THE HOMEMADE MASKS, BANDANAS, SURGICAL MASKS, AND THE LIKE DO NOT PROTECT AGAINST COVID-19 ANY MORE THAN A CONDOM WITH 1,000 HOLES POKED IN IT PROTECTS AGAINST PREGNANCY OR STDs.

    And it has to do with the non-standardization of what is, or isn’t, a mask.

    Like, if I get a bushy mustache mask, isn’t that just about as good as other masks I see people with:

    That plastic mustache can probably filter out more particles than some of the homemade masks I’ve seen.

    It would certainly filter out more than the mask this guy is wearing around his chin as he shames others for not wearing a mask:

    You can’t make this stuff up!

    But this is the sad state of the US in the middle of 2020: Liberty is facing a nasty death by a thousand cuts, and while I’m not sure exactly which cut we’re on, I’m pretty sure it’s in the upper 990’s.

    It’s almost like they’re trying to bring on Economic Misery and Financial Ruin to America!

    Oh wait, they are.

    Which is why they’ve got to really make sure she’s down, and that she won’t be getting back up.

    One thing that will be getting up, and in a hurry, is the silver price:

    I think they kept silver under $20 this week out of spite.

    So be it.

    The beatings will continue until morale improves?

    More like the beatings no longer have any effect.

    We have, after all, been so numb for oh so long.

    The most they can do now is try to maintain the illusion of a “market” all-the-while doing their best to make sure silver rises as slowly as possible.

    Side note: Is it just me, or does anybody else think silver is going to vanish from the marketplace when the next round of stimulus checks hit?

    Said differently, if being on the receiving end of the next round of Federal government “stimulus” checks, if willing and able, said recipient may want to save that “free money” in real money – silver.

    Furthermore, if you believe silver has been artificially suppressed in price, then there is a lot of lost ground to make-up with regards to capital appreciation.

    We’re still sitting above 90 on the gold-to-silver ratio:

    If silver breaks-out above $20 next week, I’d be looking for the ratio to finally kiss 90 goodbye.

    We really may have seen the pullback already:

    That looks like a pullback over multiple days to me, one that’s shallow, and one that’s more over time than over price, even if it hasn’t lasted that long overall.

    That said, there’s still a bunch of articles coming out with regards to the dreaded “pullback”.

    We’ll see.

    Palladium closes the week above two grand:

    Palladium will get the flight to safety bid, but it may be a while before it does.

    Besides, in my opinion, for deeper-pocketed investors, it’s platinum that’s the real sleeper investment right now:

    Platinum has a ton of catching-up to do just to get positive, year-to-date, and I for one will not be surprised if we see an upside surprise next week.

    In fact, I’m kind of expecting it.

    Copper is having a nice, healthy pullback right now:

    If anything has been extreme lately, it’s been the price action in copper.

    There’s just something about crude oil at forty bucks:

    But what?

    Perhaps it’s the fact that if we roll over here, the MSM Propagandists will have to stop saying “V”-shaped recovery and begin saying “W”-shaped recovery?

    That could even be the plan.

    Because for the Deep State Globalists, the only way to really crush America’s hopes and dreams is to really crush America.

    Guess what?



    I’m not going to write the words “chicken butt” in sequence, you know.

    Oh wait, I just did.

    You’re good.


    Let’s try again: Guess what?

    Zero-point-six, that’s what:

    It really is amazing what being un-accountable, un-audited, and having a printing press all the while acting in the name of National Something-Or-Other can accomplish, isn’t it?

    Warning: Your milk is on the verge of spoiling:

    And no, almond “milk” isn’t a suitable substitute, and it’s not even really milk.

    It’s freakin’ almond “juice”.

    But nobody would buy that because it’s freakin’ disgusting.

    So they call it milk and get yuppies to slurp it down like it’s the next best thing since soy milk.

    Same goes for Bitcoin.

    Sorry Bitcoin Fanboys.

    I’m not sorry, Pumpers.

    Fear is below its 200-day moving average:


    And the stock market, well, there’s gonna be some robbin’:

    But it’s not gonna be from the ‘hood.

    It’s going to be the cartel robbing US dollars from newbie traders who don’t understand they’re gambling in a rigged casino, newbie traders who thought they just got rich quick but don’t realize what’s about happen to their P-n-L as their options expire worthless.

    OK, “Hey Half Dollar, what’s a ‘P-n-L’, because I don’t see anything like that in my RobinHood account”.

    Oh my goodness.

    If there are no buyers, the price is zero, and if your call options cost more than buying the shares outright at expiration, there are no buyers, so yeah.

    Good luck with that!

    Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Friday in mid-July?

    The MSM Propagandists have really kicked-up the fearmongering.

    It’s really like a coronavirus full court press, or a Hail Mary.

    I’m sure they’re getting all their crisis actors ready, too.

    They will probably kill some to put in body bags.

    That is the risk one takes if playing with fire.

    Because the Deep State Globalists are?

    Well, if not Satanic, right at home.

    Among all the fire and flames.

    If they push fear too hard?

    Then come next week.

    They may just lose.

    As silver spikes.

    So shhhhh.





    Stack accordingly…

    – Half Dollar


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